Tailgating tips

For tailgating treats, shape your favorite treats into footballs, like rice krispie treats and brownies.

Tailgating is an art form. It takes years for some people to master it. To help you get there, here are the basics.

Number one you need food ... and not just any food, barbeque.

"You have to have quality meat," Dan Vile said. "That's the first thing, quality meet and a quality grill."

Dan Vile, owner of the Butcher Block recommends Green Egg grills or a tech grill.

Once you have your grill and quality meat, it's time to think of dishes. Vile prepared two BBQ entrees for the Bears vs. Rams game, Chicago deep dish breakfast pizza and St. Louis style ribs.

"The breakfast pizza was actually a water added crust," Vile said. "It was a fairly easy crust to make. I cooked the crust for about ten minutes to get it a little bit brown.

Next, he added his topping and popped it in his grill for a half hour.

But when it comes to grilling the ribs it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

"We use the 3, 2, 1 method," Vile, said. "Which is three hours, two hours, one hour. Three hours at 250/275 degrees uncovered, two hours covered under aluminum foil, one hour covered inside the aluminum foil with a little barbeque sauce."

In between the barbequing you'll need snacks.

Go with the sport theme and shape your favorite treats into footballs, like rice krispie treats and brownies.

Or even make your favorite dip into a football field.

Also don't forget the tailgate entertainment.

Here we have beverage pong and a set of washers.

But really in the end you only need is ...

"Good friends," Vile said. "That's a good thing, too, is good friends. A good beverage to go along with that, great weather and then your have your favorite football team play so what can you ask for?"

Really there isn't anything else. So after a day of barbequing, snacking, and beverage pong, pack up your tailgating tribe and head into the big game with your stomach full and team spirit high.

Click here to get the recipes for the football shaped treats.