Tai Chi for stress relief and weight loss

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Interested in getting rid of that tension that you carry throughout your muscles throughout the week?

In Wednesday morning's Get Fit, Get Healthy Tri-States, Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how the martial art of Tai Chi can help with weight loss, stress relief and improved energy levels.

Shifting, bring the right foot in.. The move is called "wave hands like clouds." It's one of the many gentle moves learned by practioners of Tai Chi. It's gentle but it really gives you a workout. This is called repulse the monkey. Julie Fredrick, a Tai Chi student, said, "I had arthritis in both shoulders and I could barely raise my arms. One move leads to another, gently shedding stress. I wasn't as stressed, and so I wasn't eating cause of stress."It helped Ruby Blow lose 40 pounds, and also deal with a knee injury. Ruby Blow, a Tai Chi student, said, "I don't have any chronic pain the way that I used to."

Instructor Cate Morrill says the gentle movements help lubricate the joints. That often reducing aches and pains, increasing balance and strength. It helps by building the muscles that support the bones and ligaments and tendons. Tai Chi adds the mind, body, spirit component and it integrates the concept of breath and relaxation with powerful motion. Morrill says Tai Chi means literally "supreme ultimate." She considers it one of the best ways to increase energy levels and re-direct focus where its needed. Morrill said, "It's like a dance, and who doesn't like to dance? A dance for the body and the soul."