Taco Bell says more goes into new breakfast menu than food

Taco Bell has officially joined the breakfast wars.

The company's new menu debuted March 27.

Cindy Budde has been working at Taco Bell for 25 years. She says the new breakfast items are as convenient as they are delicious.

"This one has more to offer," she says. "It has the crunch wrap and that's something you can take on the go with you and it makes it easy to travel."

But more goes into rolling out a new breakfast menu than just the food.

"We started out with two meetings at the office to get a strategy," Jessica Flachs Taco Bell assistant manager said. "We had to get ready for the crew, how much staff we're going to staff and how much product we're going to order."

"They'll roll out a training regime if you will and we'll bring that into the store and train the managers, then the managers will train the crew," Quincy Taco Bell co owner Will Duryea said. "We'll make sure everything is ready to go before our customers show up."

Staff at the Quincy Taco Bell have been preparing to serve the new menu since January. That preparation seems to be paying off.

"Every customer that has come through has enjoyed every product," Duryea said. "We've get told time and time again, we have the friendliest drive-thru in Quincy."

Budde hopes the new breakfast menu and her positive attitude will keep it that way.

"Customers always come first," she said. "It's to keep them happy."

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