T-shirts for troops: Supporting the 2175th

Soldiers with the 2175th Military Police Co. of the Missouri National Guard will soon leave for a job overseas.

Their departure to Qatar is expected at the end of the month or early September, but they won't be leaving without loads of support from their families. Hundreds of T-shirts, specially designed for this occasion, are being sold by the 2175th Family Readiness Group.

Deploying overseas are about 140 MPs from the Hannibal and Moberly area, while 40 other members of the 2175th will remain at home to continue on with current duties.

According to the Hannibal Courier-Post, the T-shirts will read, "Missouri army National Guard 2175th Military Police Co." on the front. Turn the shirt around and you'll find a picture of an MP alongside Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the words, "2011-2012, Operation Enduring Freedom."

The t-shirts come in white or gray and they range from $10 to $15.

To place an order, call (573) 406-4238 or (573) 795-1436.

Proceeds from the T-shirts will help these soldiers and their families.