Sweet treats a Valentine's Day tradition in Bowling Green

Chocolate covered strawberries are a Valentine's Day favorite!

Valentine's Day is just four days away. For Bankhead Chocolates in Bowling Green, Missouri, the holiday of love is its busiest time of year.

Bankhead Chocolates began as a restaurant with a side candy business back in 1919.

Since then chocolatiers like Owner Laura Portwood have been cranking out more than one hundred varieties of handmade candy every day ranging from nut clusters and truffles to creme-filled chocolates. Click here to learn about the variety of candies at Bankhead Chocolates from KHQA This Morning.

What's the favorite?

"The turtles of course and that was a recipe started by Mr. Bankhead and it's just taken off and that's what most people seek when they come to Bankhead's," Portwood said. Click here to watch Portwood finish off turtles at her candy store.

Portwood expects to sell 500 pounds of turtles before this week is over. Thousands of hand-dipped strawberries are another Valentine's Day favorite. Click here to watch Portwood dip strawberries on KHQA This Morning. Both topped off with melted chocolate. Bankhead chocolate begins as 10 pound bricks like this ... but soon they're split up and melted. Click here to see those ten pound bricks of chocolate from KHQA This Morning.

Portwood says the key to good candy is quality chocolate and temperature.

"If you don't get it tempered, it blooms," Portwood explained. "When chocolate blooms that means it got too hot and the fat in the chocolate comes to the top. It doesn't affect the taste of the candy, but causes the candy to have white spots on it."

And each box for your valentine is packaged by hand to make sure you get every kind of candy you desire.

"It's sort of like putting a puzzle together," Portwood said. "You have to get it arranged just right and so it's ready to go." Click here to watch more about hand-packaged candies at Bankhead Chocolates.

But perhaps the sweetest treat of all for Portwood are the people who keep coming back to this family business year after year.

"The public is really family," Portwood said. "I've seen people come in as children and now they're bring in their children."

With 10,000 pounds of delicious candy made here every year, it's no wonder Bankhead's is a Valentine's hot spot.

Click here to watch more about dipping strawberries from KHQA This Morning!