Sweet corn covers the town for Shuck Fest

Sweet corn as far as the eye can see in West Point, Iowa as residents and visitors prep for this weekend's Sweet Corn Festival.

Around 500 people gathered Wednesday in West Point, Iowa for a common cause. That cause being, it's time to shuck some corn.

It's a tradition for West Point, Iowa residents that brings people from around the country into town.

Shuck Fest is a community event that kicks off the Sweet Corn Festival every year for the past 13 years.

"We all grew up here, too, and we came to this every year. Never missed it," Andrew Weisinger, West Point resident said.

"We got here at like four o'clock. We just started going away at it getting that corn shucked," Sally Weisinger said.

"This is a bigger family reunion for me than Christmas," Shane Vance said.

The goal is to shuck 18 tons of corn for the sweet corn festival.

Whether it was in a shucking competition, or even just shucking some sweet corn at your own pace, the job was done.

Every person had their own way to prep their stalks.

"The process I use is you just get your fingers in the middle of it, and pull down one side, and pull down the other side. Break it off, fresh off, and here is your corn," Sally said.

Shuck Fest began when it became a realization that the festival needed help shucking all of its corn.

Who better to help than the community?

"One of our employees was a committee member for the sweet corn festival that year, and made comments how there is so much corn to shuck. And by the time the committee members got everything done, they are tired, hot and hungry, but there is never enough time to have a meal. So we are very community minded, we love doing things for others, so we started up shuck fest," Lee County Bank and Trust's marketing director Carla Meierotto said.

Due to it's regional attention, residents find Shuck Fest to be great for the town as well as a shucking good time.

"It brings a lot of revenue to the town, it is a big output, I mean, you got people coming from everywhere just for the corn," Vance said.

Lee County Bank and Trust funds the Shuck Fest each year.

Festivities for the Sweet Corn Festival begin Thursday and conclude on Sunday.