Suspect stand-off ended in Laddonia, Mo.

What could have been a dangerous situation, ended on a positive note Wednesday.

An 18 hour standoff came to an end Wednesday morning and no one was hurt. This all started when the body of a unidentified man was found in 38-year old Chester Harvey Junior's trailer part of a truck he drove for a company. It was found in Vandalia. Missouri earlier this week. When police named Harvey as a person of interest in the case of the dead body found in his trailer, he refused to leave his home, or let his family go Tuesday afternoon.

Five people were home at the time, including Harvey's wife and three of their children. Harvey's 16-year-old son drove off, but police stopped him and took the son into custody. Harvey's 7-year-old son was not at the home during the standoff, but was at a relative's house. Harvey's wife, 9-year-old son, who is terminally ill and 14-year-old son were being held inside of home.

After hours of negotiations, Harvey released his family and surrendered around 9:30 Wednesday morning. Police tell KHQA they're not sure what prompted Harvey to turn himself in. Harvey *now* faces charges of kidnapping and abandonement of a dead body.

We spoke with nearby neighbors of the Harvey's. They told us Wednesday's news comes as a shock.

"They're just regular people," said neighbor Bill Rhodes.

That's what neighbors of the Harvey family tell KHQA. Chester Clay Harvey Junior, a truck driver, his wife a stay at home mom had four boys. They haven't lived in Laddonia too long, but nearby neighbor Bill Rhodes says he never had a problem with them.

"Didn't have too much trouble with them, actually C.J. would call me from the road and if the boys needed a talking to, we'd go over and talk to the boys, be here to help," Rhodes said.

That's why it comes as a shock that something like this would happen.

"It's kind of weird for a small town..something's going to happen somewhere, just interesting it happened next door," said Rhodes.

"It's the signs of more stuff to come, with the violence and people being unhappy," said Laddonia resident Larry Parks.

Police don't know what caused Harvey to take his family hostage, but neighbors speculate that the tough economy *could* have made him snap.

Police tell KHQA they believe Harvey and the victim knew each other, but they're not sure how. Police also don't know how the man died. It won't be ruled a homicide until an autopsy is done. That could be as early Saturday.

Harvey could face more charges.