Suspect arrested after chase

Some tense moments Tuesday morning near the Quincy Memorial Bridge.

Video courtesy of Reed Promotional Media shows Quincy Police trying to stop a black truck with spike strips.

The strips cut two of the trucks tires, but the driver, Scott Roan, kept driving.

He ended up going back into Missouri, where he stopped the truck, and ran.

He was arrested a short time later.

Roan was wanted on an Adams County Warrant for resisting arrest.

KHQA talked to Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer late this afternoon.

He told us, his department had gotten word Roan was staying in Marion County, Missouri.

Fischer says his department contacted Missouri authorities who went to the home.

At one point, Roan left the house and got into the truck.

Police tried stopping him, but he kept driving toward Quincy.

Once arrested, Roan was found with a controlled substance and a stun gun on him.

He now faces more charges.