Surviving an EF-4 tornado in Washington, Ill.

Tim Gleason spoke to WIU emergency managment students in Stipes Hall.

It has been three months since an EF-4 tornado hit Washington, Ill.

A city official who witnessed the twister that devastated Tazewell County last November spoke with Western Illinois University students about surviving the tragedy.

City Administrator Tim Gleason presented "Reflections on the 2013 Tornado: 'Three months after the Disaster'" to a classroom of WIU emergency management students.

Lewis Frazier's biggest interest is storm tracking.

He along with other students have been studying tornados all semester.

Frazier says witnessing a tornado near his home in Princeton sparked his interest.

"I have personally seen the start of a funnel cloud, but it did not touch down," he said. "So, basically it's a scary situation but thrilling all at the same time.

Last November's tornado in Washington left three people dead, many people injured and more than 1,000 buildings damaged.

Since WIU only offers bathrooms and hallways as storm shelters, students became curious of other ways to protect themselves in a tornado.

Students decided they needed to speak with an expert who survived the strom.

They invited Gleason to discuss the tornado's impact on the community.

He said students can learn the deadly nature of storms from Washington's tragedy.

"We've got very real examples far up the road," he said. "Tornado season is right up around the corner.

Frazier said thanks to Gleason's speech, he is now prepared if a tornado touches down in Macomb.