Support group for military family members opens in Quincy

We've all know how important it is to support our enlisted men and women. But how often do we think about their families and relatives minding things back at home?

On Thursday night (April 11th), a new military family support group called the Midwest Military Family Connection will have it's first meeting.

The group's goal will be a place where the families of active, veterans and deceased military personnel can talk about the challenges they face and be a strong support for one another.

The group will also bring in experts on a variety of topics of interest to military families.

"We're going to bring in people that they can shoot questions to and try to get more information. Lawyers, people that do taxes, the V.A., even people from like the local library who can suggest books that they can read that may help them," Co-founder Dave Ulrich said.

Ulrich wants people to know that the privacy of the group members will be strictly protected.

The first meeting will be this Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the basement of the Tangerine Bowl in Quincy.

Everyone who comes in encouraged to bring a photo of their military loved one to that meeting.