Sunshine ahead in Quincy animal neglect case

Here's an update on that yellow lab that Quincy police confiscated from a home on the city's south side.

The dog, named Sunshine, is now undergoing a series of treatments at a foster home.

Sunshine was malnourished, had fleas, intestinal parasites and heartworms when she was surrendered to an organization called Homeward Bound Waggin Inc..

The fleas are now gone.

The dog's treatment for the parasites is about over.

Now the vet will examine her to make sure she's healthy enough to undergo heartworm treatment.

"Heartworm treatment is equivalent to arsenic poisoning to kill the worms," Ronna Robertson with Homeward Bound Waggin Inc. said. "It really draws the dog's system down and makes them very sick. She'll have to be boarded for two months. As the heartworms die off, it's a slow process. On one hand, we have to do it. We have no choice. The heartworms will kill her."

Robertson said she expects Sunshine's treatments to cost $1000.

Since the organization relies on volunteers and donations, it's asking for community donations to help care for the yellow lab.

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