Summer DIY projects reuses unused items around house

Rewiring an old lamp to make it new again.

Are you bored? Need a summer project?

If you answered yes to both questions, then the people at District Designs may have a project just waiting for you to begin.

Scrap Wood

Just scraps of wood in the garage, lying around in the basement, you can put together easily to make a useful item in the house," Sue Schwartz, a co-op member of District Designs, said.

Like a candleholder. Schwartz TMs materials were a block of wood, spindle, and an old salad bowl. That candle holder can easily become an elevated candy dish.

Creative Lighting

"You might have something like that in your grandparent TMs basement or in your own, that maybe doesn't have a mate but you're like there's something really special about that," Chris Taylor, a co-op member of District Designs, said.

You can re-wire an old lamp with a kit from a local hardware store and add a new shade, like cork.

Unconventional Wall Art

"This is a bookshelf, that we had standing up last re-design in here, we put, we hung it on the wall, just put nails through the back and hung it on the wall just put nails through the back, and hung it on the wall, did it sideways, it can go back and be on the floor if it wants to be," Barb McClain, a co-op ember of District Design, said.

All three say the projects are easy to do, cheap, and if you need inspiration just simply look around your house.

District Designs Boutique is hosting Summertime: Living Easy | A Collection Inspired by Beautiful Summer Days on Friday, July 18 from 5-7 p.m.