Sullivan says he's against handgun registration


he Illinois General Assembly could consider a bill that would require the owners of all handguns in the state to register them and to pay a fee on each gun they own.

A house committee approved HB 5831 and HB 5167 last week.

Both bills now are on the floor of the Illinois House for full consideration.

Illinois State Senator John Sullivan, D-Rushville, and many other downstate legislators oppose the two measures.

"What this does, it really goes after law abiding individuals who rightfully own a firearm and asking them to register a gun or for something they haven't even done anything criminal for. So it makes no sense at all," Sullivan said.

The Democratic senator also has joined with others to create an online petition to protest the bills that are under consideration.

Sullivan is encouraging people to sign the petition so that he and his colleagues can show the concern of gun owners from across the state to leadership in the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate.

You can access the website at

"Chicago's restrictive gun laws haven't worked up and now they want to export these failed policies to the rest of the state. I won't stand for it." Sullivan said.

The House membership must vote on the bills before they make their way to the Senate.