Stuntman to escape coffin in the sky

Anthony Martin taking the plunge.

Imagine the terror of being handcuffed, chained and locked inside a wooden casket that is subsequently dragged out of an airplane at 14,500 feet.

That's the stunt escape artist Anthony Martin hopes to pull off Tuesday over northern Illinois. Two skydivers will stabilize the casket by holding its handles while the 47-year-old Martin picks the locks and expects to free himself at around 7,000 feet.

After about 40 seconds of free fall, he plans to land on a farm in the town of Serena, about 70 miles west of Chicago.

This is arguably Martin's most dangerous escape and this isn't his first time. He's revisiting the August 1988 stunt in which he escaped from a casket dropped from a plane at 13,500 feet. It was just his 17th skydive.

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