Stuff the Bus to fill pantries

Hundreds of Western Illinois University students volunteered their time to help the Macomb community.

Stuff the Bus is a food drive to help families in need get a Thanksgiving dinner.

"We realize that going to school here at Western and being a part of an organization, we're privileged and we just want to give back whatever we can and help other people when we get the opportunity to," Student Volunteer Michael Anderson explained.

The familiar purple Go West was packed but not with students, with food for local families. Once the the Stuff the Bus food drive is finished, the collections will be split up between several organizations.

"The Black Student Association does this every year and this year their goal is 225 to provide meals to the entire family, so we'll be giving them food to put in those boxes. We'll help the RA Council do the Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner. Everything left goes to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry here in town," Organizer Eva Galbraith explained.

Galbraith says when she sent out an email asking for volunteers, more than five hundred Western Illinois Students responded.

"it's important that student learn the value of community. A lot of these students are from the larger cities and I think it's a nice touch that they can see small communities and see that there's needs in those communities as well," Galbraith said.

Students went door-to-door passing out fliers and picking up donations, and setting up tables at local grocery stores.

"It's important because no family should go hungry on Thanksgiving when it's time for everyone to come together and share and bond," Student Volunteer Taylor Nietfeldt said.

More than 50 campus organizations helped with Stuff the Bus.