Study: Cardiovascular deaths linked to poor dietary choices

(MGN Online)

Every workout set at the gym for Mike Wingerter is sure to be felt in the morning.

He's been in the gym for over a year and has lost 50 pounds.

Wingerter explained he knew he had to cut out unhealthy food in order to lose weight.

His diet consisted of everything bad in sight.

"Oh God yes,” Wingerter explained. “Anything I could get into my mouth".

His bad eating habits finally caught up with him a few years ago.

"Yeah I had a heart attack about six years ago or seven, something like that," Wingerter said.

Experts say bad eating habits has a direct link to cardiovascular deaths.

In 2015, more than 400,000 deaths from cardiovascular causes were linked to unhealthy diets.

That's according to the American Heart Association.

So where does the problem begin?

Dr. Stilianos Efstratiadis is an intervention cardiologist with Quincy Medical Group.

He pointed out a healthy diet is the key to success when it comes to life longevity.

"A lot of vitamins, a lot of good things you can eat and less bad actors like fat and cholesterol and etc." Efstratiadis mentioned.

Wingerter said he now keeps a close eye on what he eats.

A healthy new diet which is sure to please his gym coach and others.

"Doctors say I'm doing excellent," Wingerter said.
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