Students thank veterans for religious freedom

Paul Lindhorst has a family history of service to his country. Lindhorst served in the Air Force, his daughter in the National Guard, and his son in the Navy. Their family, along with about three dozen area veterans, were honored Tuesday by students at Holy Family School in Hannibal.

"Kids today have so much stuff," Lindhorst said. "But these kids seem to understand that people fought and died for the important stuff, like freedom."

"It's pretty cool," Lindhorst's granddaughter Cailee Combs chirped, as she ate donuts with her Paw Paw Paulie after the service.

In particular, the students at Holy Family celebrated religious freedom by honoring the veterans who fought for that liberty.

The student body worked for a month to prepare for Tuesday's mass and memorial program.

"The kids really took ownership of this service," Joy Hayward, principal at Holy Family, said. "You could feel the way they really poured their hearts into it."

The middle school students demonstrated how proper folding of the flag is a symbol of faith. The younger grades presented a recipe for the grand old flag, which includes courage, honor and purity. The intermediate grades prepared a slide show of their relatives who have served in the Armed Forces.