Students recall horrific moments after school bus crash

Dozens of Lewis County residents turned out to the LaGrange Community Youth Center Thursday evening to pray for students who were hurt in the crash.

The bottom line -- pray for everyone hurt in the Lewis County school bus crash.

Five students are listed in good condition in Blessing Hospital.

One student is still getting treatment at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

All of those hospitalized students are from LaGrange, Mo.

Organizers of the prayer service read off the status of each hospitalized student, which ranged from a lacerated liver to broken bones to major head injuries.

Nevaeha Humphrey, 8, was sitting 5 seats back from the front of Bus 18.

"I got fractured ribs over here," she said. "I can't sit on the floor because if I get up, they'll pop."

Austin Fisher, 15, was on the bus behind Bus 18. He was listening to his iPod when he heard people screaming. When his bus stopped, he ran out to help rescue the trapped students.

"I entered the bus through broken windows," he said. "I saw pools of blood, broken glass, book bags spread everywhere, kids crying. I was putting kids on my shoulder. It was pretty gruesome."

Tristan Austin, 17, was on the bus in front of Bus 18. He saw the crash happen and called 911.

"I saw the bus driver swerve over to the left side of the road then try to go to the right side," Austin said. "I told my bus driver to stop and took off running and called police."

"It was scary," Fisher recalled. "Prayers for the people who got hurt."

Here's an update to a story KHQA brought you about Karyann Cox who was hurt in that bus crash.

Her head bandage was removed on Thursday.

She's retaining fluid, and doctors are trying to contain the swelling.