Students 'catapult' into learning

The time has come to launch some eggs in the name of science! / file photo

The Payson Seymour STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class held a catapult competition Monday.

Students launched eggs at a target.

Each of the 8 students in the Senior Honors class researched, designed, and constructed their own catapults and each one is unique.

The students in the class were very excited to see how their designs would work.

Much of the High School and Junior High student body was there to cheer them on.

KHQA's Jim Whitfield was able to be there for the action and he's uploaded the raw video to our khqatv7 YouTube channel! (Watch the video above.)

If you could could launch an item (an inanimate object) from a catapult what would it be ... a pumpkin? eggs? a lamp? tomatoes? Post your comments below or on our Facebook page here .