Students ask boyfriends for digital date

This is the ad that ran Wednesday in Hannibal on the Lamar Advertising digital billboard.

Sophomore Abby Conn and Senior Jalen Zeiger were looking for a different way to ask their longtime boyfriends Sophomore Mitchell Nichols and Senior Christian Williams to the upcoming Jack of Hearts dance. That's when they got a larger than life suggestion.

Conn said, "My dad said why don't you put it up on the billboard? And I said that would be cool."

Zeiger said, "I thought it would be different. We wanted to do something no one else had done."

Then last Wednesday this ad you see here went up on this Lamar Advertising digital billboard on Highway 61.

For the thousands of people who drove past on Highway 61, it was an unusual sight to say the least.

Since their boyfriends didn't see the board on the way to school, the girls had to get them to the Walgreens parking lot to view it. The boys say they were surprised to say the least. And of course they said yes to their girlfriend's dance invitation.

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