Student teacher arrested for sexual abuse

A student teacher at a Quincy Elementary School is behind bars after police say he had inappropriate sexual contact with a 16 year-old boy.

Police say 36 year-old Darrold Wayne Frisbie Jr. of Quincy faces charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse after approaching a 16 year-old boy in Frisbie's home on April 10.

He also faces drug charges for delivering pain medication to juveniles.

Police searched his home and found more drugs and other illegal items.

Frisbie was working as a student teacher at Adams School, but it's important to note once again, the incidents mentioned above did *not* happen on school grounds.

Frisbie was a student teacher from Quincy University. We talked with an official with the education department Monday. She told us before any student teacher can enter a classroom, the university requires them to do a fingerprint background check with the Illinois State Police. Those background checks show all convictions. If if there are any, the student is removed from the program.

Q-U says Frisbie's background check came back with no problems. We checked Frisbie's background as well and only found previous traffic violations.

We also talked with Quincy Superintendent Lonny Lemon. He says all student teachers go through background checks through their universities before stepping foot into a Quincy public school. Lemon says the district itself performs extensive background checks on all school teachers and staff employed in the district. Lemon says staff never reported any problems with Darrold Frisbie, Jr. during his student teaching.

Superintendent Lonny Lemon said, "This is something not to be taken lightly. But we will let the legal system take its course and hope it ends with good results. But at this point in time we've had no reports of misconduct in our classrooms."

We also contacted superintendents in all the other major Tri-State school districts. They told us they rely on colleges and universities themselves to perform background checks on student teachers.

Keokuk School Superintendent Dr. Lora Wolff told us after this incident, her school district may make it a requirement for any student teacher for the upcoming school year.