Student arrival at WIU means more money for the community

It's move-in day at Western Illinois University.

That means thousands of students will be moving in for the first time or returning to school, but it TMs what they bring with them that has a lot of people of excited.

Miles and miles of cars are lined up on WIU's campus waiting to unload some precious cargo ... students.

I'm excited about this, this is one of the most exciting times here at Western when we have our students coming in and we have lots of students, we try to come out my leadership team and I come out to help them with move in day," Dr. Jack Thomas, President of Western Illinois University, said.

This is President Thomas TM seventh move-in day at WIU.

He loves meeting students and their families like Grant Kaiser, a freshman from Springfield, Illinois.

"They have one of the best law enforcement programs in the entire Illinois and like nationally-ranked," Kaiser said.

Kaiser hopes to one day become a cop or FBI agent and he believes he TMs made the best decision of his life by coming to WIU.

Students like Kaiser bring cars and sometimes trailers of items to make dorms home away from home.

And that is just fine with local businesses.

"With the college kids coming back, you have an influx of sales all the way around whether it TMs us, whether its Walmart, gas stations, the florist downtown, the fudge shop it doesn't matter, you have more people to spend money in the economy," Tammy Yates, co-owner of Chubby TMs, a popular hangout near WIU TMs campus said.

Yates says the town comes back to life and she looks forward to the new faces.

A representative for WIU says there are about 1,600 students in the 2014-2015 freshman class.