Struggling Quincy students get a boost from federal grant


Quincy students struggling in reading and math are getting some much needed individual attention with teachers.

A handful of the district's schools recently received some extra federal grant money for student learning.

In the last two weeks, administrators have turned that money into an extra hour study session after school.

Baldwin Intermediate is one of those participating. Last week, teachers selected about 40 students they found to be having difficulties in class. With parent permission, those students are now getting some more one-on-one time with teachers after school, Monday through Wednesday.

"It's more of a, 'where does this student need some support. How can we help them fix a few things and get them back into the classroom so they can function and maybe pick up a few other students too," said Baldwin Intermediate Principal Paul Saunders.

Baldwin chose all grades levels to participate in the new study session. Other schools like Berriann, Adams and Dewey Elementary schools chose to focus on one or two grades.