Striking Tri-State gold: Morel mushroom hunting season underway

Mushroom hunting season is in full swing in the Tri-States.

Hunters armed with cloth bags hit the woods all over the area this weekend.

Reports of morel mushrooms have been spotty this year so far, but a group of hunters we caught up with found several pounds of the delicacy. Click here for tips on finding morels.

Morel mushrooms pop up in the spring and are fragile, highly perishable, and resist cultivation, so they tend to be pricey. Click here to learn more about morel mushrooms.

In fact, hunters can glean upwards of $50 a pound this year.

Experts say when you find a cluster, don't make the mistake so many people make. Though its tempting, don't pick every single mushroom. Smart hunters leave a couple to reproduce spores and to make a crop for next year.

Also, when you pick mushrooms, carry them in a cloth bag - NOT plastic. Cloth bags allow the spores to fall to the ground, which will help with next year's crop.

Click here to get a delicious morel mushroom risotto recipe.

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