Stretch of Highway 61 will close Monday

Construction will temporarily close access to West Ely Road and Pleasant Street at US 61 in Hannibal starting Monday.

The project will widen the streets to include left turn lanes and install new traffic signals. The West Ely Road and Pleasant Street approaches to US 61 will be closed up to 60 days, and the signals on US 61 at this intersection only will be removed temporarily allowing north and southbound traffic to proceed uninterrupted until the project is completed.

Crews will be working during the day on this portion of the project, while potentially working at night still on US 61.

Signs and message boards have been posted to notify motorists of the closures, and West Ely and Pleasant traffic should not use the Steamboat Bend Shopping Center as a detour. Motorists normally using West Ely Road and Pleasant Street to access US 61 must use alternate routes.

The improvements include adding a right turn lane onto Pleasant Street, a left turn lane on West Ely, resurfacing the entire intersection, and new curb and gutter along US 61.

Existing sidewalks will be replaced, and a new sidewalk will be added from the corner of Pleasant Street along the east side of US 61 across from the Steamboat Bend Shopping Center main entrance. In addition, pedestrian cross walks and signals will be installed to increase the safety of pedestrian traffic at the intersection. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-October.