Strep throat making the rounds this spring

An illness you might associate with the winter months is making its rounds this spring.

Strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat that has a long shelf life. And there's a good possibilty we may be seeing more of it.

A local family physician says strep throat has made an appearance in the area recently.

"Now I have been seeing a lot of strep around the community recently, it'll pass around, its contaigious," Dr. Taylor Moore, a family physician with the Quincy Medical Group, said.

Dr. Moore says there are few things you need to look for when dealing with strep.

"You have a fever, no cough, and a sore throat you're going to want to get seen," Dr. Moore said.

He also says you should try to prevent the disease from spreading.

"Should avoid taking your kids to school if they are having fevers you know we usually say at least twenty four hours without a fever before taking the child back to school." Dr. Moore said.

Dr. Moore says strep throat is easily treatable witha cycle of antibiotics.