Streetlight project part of Hannibal sidewalk replacement

One block down and three to go when it comes to the Hannibal downtown sidewalk replacement project.

as the sidewalks get removed and replaced, another part of the downtown décor is also getting a makeover.

It's the refurbishing of the street lights along Main Street from North Street to Broadway.

As crews tear out the old sidewalks, the Hannibal Board of Public Works comes in and takes out the street lights at about the same time.

"It's actually good timing for us because they were, they needed to be painted anyway and painting them while they're in service is difficult with businesses going on and traffic and people walking by, so this is handy," Director of Operations for the Hannibal Board of Public Works Heath Hall said.

Al Sellars is a driver for the Hannibal Trolley Company and he's downtown everyday. He said it's a good time for the old lights to be redone.

"It needs it. It should have been done a couple of years ago really. I understand that it takes money to do it. It you're promoting something like we got down here, downtown, you need to keep it up," Sellars said.

There are 16 lights total and so far only four of them have been removed. Hall said when Bleigh is ready for them to be reinstalled, BPW crews will get them back up and make the downtown a stop for tourists, visitors and residents and make it a place they want to visit again.

The cost to refurbish is about $1,000 per light.