Stray dog befriends WIU student

Puppy the

We all know the old adage that a dog is a man's best friend.

And now a grad student at Western Illinois University knows exactly what that means.


ngelique Pass admits she has a soft spot in her heart for animals. So when she saw a stray dog outside her apartment complex last June, she wanted to make sure the dog got turned over to the humane society. But, the dog evaded capture for several months. During that time Pa
ss continued to leave food and water out for the dog and the two
began to develop some trust in each other.

As the winter approached, Pass decided to put some blankets out for the dog along with the food and water like she had done for so many days and even months.

But it was earlier this month, when a
man dressed in all black, with sunglasses and a hoodie sweatshirt knocked on Angelique's apartment door and threatened to do harm to her and the dog. Fortunately the dog acted suspicious of the man and that alerted Pass to be on her guard.

It was just shortly after that, Angelique went to the police.


I went to the police department and said an individual had threatened my life and the dog's life and they said they had received other reports and other activity with the individual, so they confirmed the behavior and they they went in and detained him," Pass said.

Pass said
because her apartment complex doesn't allow pets, Puppy as the dog is now being called is staying at the All Pets Vet Clinic until Angelique graduates in May. And after graduation, Puppy and Angelique will head home for good.


Yeah the dog basically saved my life and the other residents and several people from the community because if the dog wasn't around I wouldn't have been as observant and she basically saved all of our lives," Pass said.

As for the man who threatened Pass and the dog, he was taken into custody and is now being evaluated.