"Stranger Danger" defense at Adams Elementary

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 115 children are kidnapped each year by strangers or people they don't know well. That number may seem small, until it happens to your child.

This week, a local martial artist is visiting Quincy public schools asking students one question. For this KHQA Safe Family report, we found out how students at Adams Elementary School answered.

"Get Back."

That was the message students became very familiar with Tuesday. Robert Bently from the ATA Blackbelt Academy spent two days at the school teaching all of its students self defense. He spoke with each class about responsible, respectful behavior and what not to do when you come in contact with a stranger.

In case of a stranger attack, students learned protection moves and then were told to run away and find an adult.

"He's very cautious of trying not to do too much hands on type things but really talking to the kids about the power they have over their body and how people have to respect their space," said Adams School Principal Marcey Wells.

She told us the day's lessons also apply to bullying.

"Here at Quincy School District, we talk a lot about bully prevention. The strategies he teaches can be used to say no to students or other kids on the playground, possibly that may be bothering you or in your space, making you uncomfortable," said Wells.

During each session, Bently chose a student from the crowd who displayed full focus and respect. He awarded that student with one week's free pass to take a class at ATA Blackbelt Academy. The rest of the class could earn their passes by showing their teachers the same focus and respect throughout the day.