Storybooks for Soldiers

It's not every day a mother or father serving overseas gets to talk to their children back home. This Christmas season, they'll be able to send a gift that will have their kids begging for story time. One storybook in particular can bring your soldier home for the holidays.

"At some point, we decided supporting our troops wasn't enough. We wanted to really get involved with their lives," said Laura Sievert, a marketing director for Kirlin's.

People at Kirlin's Hallmark are making it possible through a recordable story book. These books will deliver the sweetest sounds to boys and girls separated from their parents stationed overseas.

"I think the title page is a really nice place to put that personal message and personal touch," said Sievert.

Throughout the month of August, Kirlin's will collect these books, by receiving donations from its customers. In mid-September, it will ship them overseas to members in the military.

"We get together with the [Adams County] Red Cross, we get in our warehouse and get thousands of cases of books and cards. and we'll send them all over. so it's a big deal to us," said Sievert.

Once delivered, parents can personalize these books with their own voice reading the story: The Night Before Christmas, among other books.

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"We recognize the troops don't have the opportunity to purchase cards and gifts for family and friends while they're away. At least if they're able to record their voices, then their children can hear their voices during the holidays and be with them," said Katie Greufe, an assistant manager to Kirlin's in the Quincy Mall.

With a pricetag of $29.95, Kirlin's Hallmark has collected more than 2,600 books with a goal of collecting 5,000. It's asking customers to donate any amount they can to meet that goal.

"It's an honor to be able to collect these books for them," said Greufe.

"We always say we hope the troops are home this year. We hope they get to spend time with their families on the holidays, but we'll keep supporting the troops as long as there's people overseas," said Sievert.

Anyone can make a donation at a Kirlin's Hallmark store until the end of August. These books will be sent off mid-September and will return home in December just in time for the holidays. Stay with KHQA as we'll continue to follow this story untill those books come home.