Storm devastates Payson business

Storm damage at Pittsfield Machine in Payson, Ill.

A Payson business owner is picking up the pieces and then some after Wednesday night's storm ripped off the roof of his building.

John Leithoff built an addition to the building last year. He moved Pittsfield Machine into it last July.

Less than a year later, strong winds blew off a portion of the roof.

Leithoff lives with his family in a home connected to the business.

The family was scared during Wednesday night's storm, but thankfully was not hurt.

"It got really quiet and got really loud outside," he said. "The roof just flew by the windows. It was really loud."

Leithoff hopes to get the building rebuilt as soon as possible.

He has moved his equipment to another part of the shed that is not exposed to the elements.

Pittsfield Machine specializes in metal fabrication.

It's expected to be back up and running again Monday.