Stop the bullying: I am Somebody

Car accidents in America are the leading cause of death for our country's youth. The second leading cause is suicide.

You may remember Wesley Neff, a man who has been quite vocal about his son being bullied multiple times in and out of school. Neff's made it his mission to spread the word to area schools about the bullying epidemic. He says it won't be stopped by the government and its laws, but by you.

Saturday, Neff shared a message with a small group in Palmyra on why it's so important that you stick up for yourself and others.

"We have to understand that we have to love and respect ourselves, that we are somebody first. And when we start doing that, we can reach out and start to love and respect others. Try and be a hero and a friend to somebody else. That we bring back more of the love and respect for one another," said Neff.

Neff now wants to come to your school. He's asking anyone who'd like his message heard to contact him. You can call him at (573) 822-8261 or through the Communities against Bullying Website.