STOP running stop signs

If you pull up to an intersection and no one is coming, be honest, do you sometimes just sneak through without stopping?

The Missouri Highway Patrol wants you to STOP that.

It's unveiling a new traffic enforcement that's out to catch those who run stop signs.

It's not an effort to give you a ticket, it's an effort to keep you safe on the roads. Whether it's by air or on land, the Missouri Highway Patrol is keeping an eye out for you.

Operation STOP is a new enforcement that stands for Stop, Think, Observe, and Proceed at all intersections. Police want you to remember that every time you come to a stopped intersection.

"Typically, when we do have a traffic crash at an intersection, it's a significant traffic crash where people are injured or even killed," Sgt. Brent Bernhardt said.

Here's how it works. A plane is put in the air looking for violators.

Sgt. Bernhardt says, "The pilot, who is a Missouri State Trooper actually observes the violation at the intersections and will then call that violation out to a trooper or police officer on the ground."

The pilot then follows the violator until the ground officer catches up and issues a ticket. In this enforcement, 14 tickets were handed out in a two hour period. And this isn't just a one time thing. Operation STOP will be set up in all 16 counties in Troop B's area throughout the rest of the year. So the next time you pull up to a stop sign, remember to stop because you never know who's watching.

The Highway Patrol has analyzed data from previous crashes to figure out the most dangerous intersections to hold the STOP enforcement.