Steve Cobb takes over as the new superintendent for QPS

The Quincy School District has had a series of interim superintendents since last summer, but as of Monday April 15th, the district now has it's full time superintendent in place.

Steve Cobb was named the new superintendent in early February and he comes to the Quincy School District from being the chief academic officer for the Fort Wayne Indiana School District.

And for Cobb's first day, it was a busy one.

He started his first day with two meetings before 9:00 am.

That ability to hit the ground running is one of the qualities that made the school board choose him as the new superintendent.


And so we looked at that as someone with a totally fresh approach, no ties to anyone. And, you know, coming in with his own ideas, own background from another district, from another state, to help us. Maybe help us do things that we haven't thought of before," said Quincy School Board member Stephanie Erwin.

Erwin has been on the
board for two years and she said members liked what they saw in Cobb's background and his previous work in academics.

Cobb said
he's excited to be able to start here in Quincy in April.

Most school superintendents don't start their new jobs until July 1st
, when school is out for summer break. Cobb said the early start will work to his advantage.


You know, there are some real challenges here in Quincy that I'm looking forward to, I know that Quincy is a, it's like Quincy is ready to move. I mean, they're ready to move forward and there are concerns and issues that we need to address and we're going to take those on and we're going to move forward. Provide the best education for students in the community here," said Cobb.

Cobb said

he plans to visit each school this week.

He also is in the process of putting his team together to reorganize the central office.

Cobb signed a three-year contract with the district and will make $
a year.