Steering the district forward

QPS steering committee looking at future needs of district.

The Quincy School superintendent has appointed a steering committee to look at the long term needs of the school district.

QPS business manager Joel Murphy says that one target of the group is the district's grade structure.

"We're having issues with kids going from third grade to fourth grade and test scores dropping off," Murphy said. "From 6th grade to 7th grade having issues. So we're trying to look at what's going to be the best configuration to educate the students. And that obviously is going to drive what kind of facilities that we're gonna need."

Facility needs are a primary focus of the group.

One of the oldest buildings in the district, Madison School was built back in the 1890s.

While others like the Junior High school date back to the 30s.

The newest building in the district is the High School which was built in the 1970s.

"The committee's goal is to keep an open mind about what improvements need to be made to the buildings in the district up to and including the possibility of new construction," design team leader Todd Moore said.

"They're gonna be listening to us as a design team," Moore said. "Taking the data that we're gathering for them,we're providing that to them, they'll be able to make logical decisions based on grade configuration, whether or not we proceed with new schools, school renovations, school additions and so forth."

The committee hopes to have a recommendation for the superintendent by the end of June.

If the superintendent is happy with the steering committee recommendations then it will be up to the school board to vote on it.