Staying safe from mosquitoes and West Nile

Wet and warm weather, that's what the Tri-States have seen and will see in the coming days.

That also happens to be perfect breeding weather for mosquitoes and the West Nile virus.

KHQA's Jarod Wells checked in with the Adams County Health Department to find out how you can keep that virus away from your household for this Safe Family Report.

"I expect that we're going to be finding the West Nile Virus again this year," said Lee Mueller, an environmental sanitarian with the Adams County Health Department. For the past three weeks he's been using gravity traps to catch and test for mosquitoes. But so far, he's found no trace of West Nile Virus. But he expects that to change.

Is this something that people should just kind of get used to and just assume that every year there's going to be West Nile virus in the area?

Mueller said, "I think that'd be a pretty safe assumption."

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He says there are steps you can take to fight those little pests and prevent the virus they carry.

Mueller said, "The big thing is to eliminate sources of standing water such as swimming pools, even if you only have a couple of inches of water in it, that's ideal for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

That also includes all the rain that's probably accumulated in empty flower pots, bird baths and other items which can hold water in your backyard.

Muller said, "If you eliminate those sources of water you're going to help eliminate the whole mosquito problem generally and the whole West Nile Virus as well."

Mueller says use common sense when you are outside, use bug spray with deet.

He also wants you to know that not all mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus.

But the fact that it is out there warrants concern and you should use precautions.

We also talked to Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp to see if the city has been spraying for mosquitoes.

He says spraying has not started yet, but will in the next week or so.

Spraying will be done at night when the conditions are suitable, which means low wind and 65 degree or warmer temperatures.

If you think you have a problem you can contact the city's department of central services and someone will check it out, 228-4520.