Stay illness free while you travel

Whether it's by plane, train, or automobile, chances are you have some sort of travel plan this time of year.

One of the worst things that can happen while traveling is you getting sick.

Here's how to protect yourself and your family so your holiday travels can keep you happy and well.

"One of my teachers used to say travel enhances the brain, but loosens the bowel," Dr. Musab Saeed, an Infectious Disease Specialist with Quincy Medical Group, said.

Not exactly words you want to hear, but they are words you should remember. Dr. Musab Saeed says staying healthy while traveling involves using a lot of common sense and a little precaution. He says stay sanitized and stay vaccinated. Most importantly, keep your hands clean. So, when should you wash your hands?

"The general rule is whenever you think about it. Anytime that you are traveling, anytime you use the restroom, wash your hands. Whenever you have used a lot of doorknobs, you should wash your hands. Before you eat, wash your hands," Dr. Saeed said.

Dr. Saeed says wash your hands for ten to 15 seconds with soap.

"Washing is actually better than the alcohol sanitizer because it washes things off of your hands rather than rubbing it with alcohol, although both are acceptable," Dr. Saeed said.

And don't forget about the kids. Dr. Saeed recommends making washing your children's hands a game by singing a song with them while you do it. So, now that we've told you how important it is to wash your hand, remember this.

"Your immune system also develops by being exposed to certain germs, so don't overdo it. Don't rub your skin dry with alcohol swabs. There is a certain mechanism your body has to protect you," Dr. Saeeb said.

You know you're doing it too much if your skin is getting rough and peeling off.

One final tip, if you do become ill while you travel, it's best to stay back and avoid the parties. The last thing you want to spread during the holidays is sickness.

Dr. Saeed has two final thoughts.

One, protect your water supply, especially if you're traveling internationally.

And on that note, check before you travel internationally to see if there are any epidemics in the places you plan to visit.