State grant to help in constructing new library in Rushville

Thousands of people have read an untold number of books since the Rushville Public Library opened its doors.

On Monday, Illinois' Secretary of State came to Rushville to announce financing for a new building to replace the current library building that is more than 100-years-old.

"This building that we're here in right now is over 100-years-old and it's in a state of repair. And so the people of Rushville came up with their portion of the one point two million dollars that I'm giving out of a $50 million grant to build a new facility and every community needs a good library," Secretary of State Jesse White said.

The library is pretty cramped. The new building will have about 7,000 square feet.

The library board has hoped for a new building for years, but it wasn't until members got a letter from a California attorney that it became a possibility.

"And then one day we opened the mail and there was a letter from an attorney telling us that a lady had passed away and was leaving us a half million dollars and that changed everything," library board president Luan Phillips said.

And the location where the new library is going to be built is the key as to how successful it will be. It's going to be located on the empty lots at the corner of Mason and Maple Streets. The elementary school is about a block and a half in one direction, while the junior and senior high complex is located about a block and a half in the other direction.

The library board felt it was a perfect location to put the library about a block and a half from each school so school age children can access it year round.

Construction on the project will begin this summer and the board hopes to open in the summer of 2014.