State cuts for schools hitting West Central Illinois

State cuts will close nine Illinois regional superintendent's offices.

Nine regional superintendent's offices across the State of Illinois will close.

The transition will be made over the next three years, to be completed by July 1st of 2015.

A task force of regional superintendent's offices across the state will work together to decided how the transition will take place.

"You can liken it to congressional districts being redrawn. That's similar to what may happen. The end result is not for certain right now. We know that for a regional office to remain intact after June 1st of 2015, they will have to have a minimum population base of 61,000," Regional Superintendent for Adams and Pike Counties, Debbie Niederhauser explained. The minimum population requirement jumped from 43,000.

The Hancock-McDonough regional office as well as the Fulton-Schuyler office will be affected by the cut. While the Adams-Pike office will not be closed, it could see added counties and changes in staffing to accommodate the increase.

"The members of that task force are just regional superintendents across the state and also the nine smaller offices, those regional superintendents are on the task force.So it will be there job to determine step by step how it will all work out," Niederhauser said.

The actual cost savings to the state will vary depending on how much staffing is needed after the consolidation.