Starting an exercise program through a different language

Lori Cornwell trains Zenia Derlukiewicz through two different languages.

Starting an exercise program can be a daunting task, especially if you've never exercised before.

Imagine starting one with someone who speaks a different language than you.

A woman from Poland has spent the past six weeks here in the Tri-States visiting her daughter who lives in Hannibal.

Her daughter encouraged her to learn some exercise moves while she was here to keep her healthy, active and flexible for a lifetime -- even if it's in a different country.

Zenia Derlukiewicz had hip replacement surgery three years ago. She needed to work on balance and strength.

Trainer Lori Cornwell has been teaching aerobics, yoga and exercise for years at

Cheryl Loatsch Studio

, but this client was a first.

"At first, it was quite intimidating because I wasn't sure I'd accomplish what I wanted to accomplish," Cornwell said. "I felt that pressure but her personality and her daughter's ability to translate made it possible."

Last year, Zenia fell off some stairs. That's when her daughter took action to help her mother through exercise.

"She's made tremendous progress," Cornwell said. "She's never exercised before. She was a good student and fast learner. Her balance improved so much."

This is Zenia's last week of exercise before heading back to her home country in Poland.