Starbucks' coffee price increase means big bucks for local coffee shops

A look inside the Daylight Donuts in Quincy

Depending upon where you buy your morning coffee, the price could soon change.

Starbucks' coffee prices have gone up between five to 20 cents in certain parts of the country, according to CBS News.

That's great news for local coffee shop owners.

"Hopefully, we'll benefit from keeping our prices the same," Krazy Cake Bakery and Cafe Owner Billy Martin said. "I don't anticipate that our coffee prices are going up anytime real soon. I think our coffee contracts have already been fulfilled and have not been impacted as of yet."

Starbucks cited competitive dynamics and overall cost structure as the main reason for its price increases, however, Babs Lock has a different theory for why the prices went up.

"The coffee growers have had some weather conditions that have affected the bean crop," Lock said.

Lock is the owner of Daylight Donuts in Quincy.

A medium cup of coffee in her shop goes for one dollar and sixty cents.

On top of that, she offers free refills.

"We buy ours in bulk,â?? Lock said. â??We buy it a month at a time."

Babs believes her customers appreciate a more personal relationship with their barista, instead of Starbucks fast-paced environment.

"The person that comes to our coffee shop isn't looking for that,â?? Lock said. â??They're looking for a very smooth, mild type coffee."

Cindy Vahle visits Lock's coffee shop a few times a week.

She prefers more locally owned coffee shops over coffeehouse chains like Starbucks.

"I would encourage anyone, regardless of whether it's a coffee shop or any other kind of business, to support local business," Vahle said.

Vahle spends around 20 bucks a week, just on black coffee.

Vahle said she doesn't plan to buy an expensive cup of coffee from Starbucks, anytime soon.

"They won't be getting my money," Vahle said.

For now, Lock believes she won't have to increase her coffee prices.

It's a goal she really wants to keep.

"Hopefully, you know, we won't have to do any price increases," Lock said.

KHQA reached out to Starbucks in Quincy, but the coffee shop declined to comment on this story.