Stand up to bullying: "I am who I am"

"I am who I Am." That's the message the Fort Madison community is trying to get out to the rest of the Tri-State area.

They're standing up to the issue of bullying. This has become a hot topic in many of our KHQA Safe Family Health reports, but parents say it's been a problem for a much longer time. One parent is asking for the entire community's support. She's asked that everyone order a T-shirt displaying the 'I am who I am' logo. On the back reads '[fill in the blank] Against Bullying.

The idea is that everyone wear these shirts on May 2nd and 3rd to promote a silent awareness of the bullying problems in our communities. Already, the support is more than she could have asked for.

"It ended up becoming a lot bigger than we ever imagined it would be, which I;m really glad about.It definitely shows people here in Ft. Madison know there are problems going on. They understand that we need to stand up for our children," said Rhonda Moyers, a Fort Madison parent who's initial concern spraked the interest in these shirts.

You can order these shirts through Sears/Dunn's Designs in Fort Madison for $9 each. They can be made in all colors and sizes, and if you miss the deadline to order them, April 28th, you're asked to design your own "I am who I Am" T-shirt and wear it on May 2nd and 3rd.