St. Patrick, Missouri celebrates St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick, Missouri celebrates St. Patrick's Day in style.

The best way to spend the weekend before St. Patrick's Day is to visit the town named St. Patrick.

Thousands of people visited the small Missouri town to celebrate the holiday this weekend.

One of the favorite attractions is the town's small post office, which celebrated its 100th anniversary of delivering letters.

Every week, only a few people drive by or even walk inside. But on one weekend in the month of March, hundreds of people walk through its doors for a special reason.

"People come from all over the United States and the world just to get the special cancellation coat," St. Patrick post office employee Kenneth Krueger said.

It's the only place in the world that shares the same name as the Irish holiday, which is something tourists find fascinating.

"This is the only town in the world called St. Patrick and so it makes it unique for St. Patrick's Day," Krueger said.

Almost everyone who visits this small town stops by the post office to purchase a memento or mail a letter.

More than 1200 letters had been dropped off and addressed to many different places in the world.

"I know there's one going to Rome to the two Popes and Ireland and we had some to China," Krueger said.

Marcia Hardin's great great grandfather built the post office in 1914. He served as its first postmaster with a dream of helping people stay connected with family and friends.

And a 100 years later, she's kept his dream alive, but to Hardin, it's not the letters that are important, it's the stories she shares with all of the town's guests.

"They all like to dress in the Irish dress, you know the costumes and kind of for the day, so you do see a lot of interesting people," Hardin said.

Hardin feels anyone who comes to St. Patrick to celebrate this holiday is somehow a part of her family's legacy and Irish heritage.

"Everybody's welcome, but everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's day," Hardin said.

If you happened to miss going to the St. Patrick's post office before the holiday ends, don't worry. You can send the post office a letter any time during the year and its postmaster will stamp and send it with the St. Patrick cancellation coat.