Spring Lake Development: Round 2

A view of the site

A Quincy developer is trying for the second time to make his dream come true.

About 2 years ago the

Quincy Plan Commission

denied a request by Adam Booth to build 55 homes on 40 acres of land west of

Spring Lake Estates


After sitting on the land and watching construction prices go up, Booth is trying once again to get those plans approved.

He says that the disagreement between himself and the city has to do with the interpretation of the International Fire Code which he says requires a second access road to be added to the plans unless all the homes had sprinklers in them.

Booth says the city has a different interpretation of the code.

"They're interpretation would be that all the homes in Spring Lake including the existing ones must be sprinklered to comply which is grandfathering," Quincy Developer Adam Booth said. "They're essentially eliminating grandfathering. You can't ask that upon a house that I don't have access to upgrade."

Two years later he says that costs are increasing and he has to do something with the property.

"I can't have that ground sitting there being used as farmland. It's not what it was bought for," Booth said. "The development costs are going up by the day just with material increases. Sitting and waiting has been costlier. We have to move forward."

The Plan Commission will review Booth's proposal at its meeting later this month.