Spring fever: The latest epidemic to hit the Tri-States

Mother Nature hasn't received the memo that it's still winter. In fact, she seems to have forgotten to pencil in snow on the calendar for the entire season. While that's fine by many of us, it has touched off another maladyâ??spring fever.

Spring fever tops cabin fever if you have to choose one illness over the other. Cabin fever is a term that early settlers first used to describe that feeling of restlessness and boredom stemming from long winters holed up in their cabins.

and I have a difference of opinion on the definition of spring fever. The web says it's a listless, lazy or restless feeling associated with the beginning of spring. To me, it's just the opposite. Spring fever is that frenzied feeling of wanting to get stuff done. It's a burst of energy after a long winter; it's anything but lazy.

These are the days I find it hard to sit at my computer and write. It's the time when your office feels like a prison cell. Children can't concentrate at school because they're gazing mindlessly out the window. Spring fever makes you want to call in sick from your job at the factory, just so you can go outside to enjoy the day.

Spring is indeed on our minds, and in the air. A 70-degree day in early March is a little treat meant to be savored and enjoyed. Tomorrow, it's back to workâ??we'll talk spring cleaning with a local expert in the field.

Take care ~Sarah D.