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      Spring classes have sprung at the Quincy Community Theatre

      Looking to catch the acting bug this year?

      The Quincy Community Theatre is offering ten new classes and workshops this spring.

      "We have classes for K through three, grades fourth through sixth, seventh through ninth, tenth through twelfth and adults," Quincy Community Theatre's Student Theatre Director, Brandon Thomsen said. "So there's a little bit of everything thrown in there."

      No matter what your age or how long you've been acting, there's a class for you. All you have to have is a passion for the spotlight.

      "Anyone that's ever had that hankering to get out on stage and just give it a try, QCT is a very safe place and it's a great way to get started."

      Just ask QCT students that are now starring in the theatre's latest production, Wanda's World, debuting January 31st.

      "It's helped me develop my character and they teach you skills that you can use to decipher a character and play it many different ways," Wanda's World actress, Savana Santos said.

      "It really pushed my acting abilities and it was also really really fun," QCT student, Patrick Regner said.

      These classes teach more than just acting skills.

      "I think it teaches focus, it teaches discipline," Thomsen said. "We all need creativity in our lives, it's just going to help us grow. So getting into a theatre class is certainly going to help those skills."

      Registration for spring classes is still open. The costs ranges from $45 to $70, limited scholarships and discounts are available.

      To learn more about QCT's spring courses, click here.

      Did you win tickets to the QCT production of Wanda's World? Click here to find out! Our three lucky winners will get two tickets each to one of the shows from Jan. 31-Feb. 3.