Spirits are high in America's Hometown despite rising Mississippi

The Mississippi is back at it again. The rising river has forced Hannibal to re-install its flood gates.

The Mississippi is back at it again.

The rising river has forced one local town to re-install its flood gates.

KHQA's Meghan Townley visited Hannibal Friday to find out how business owners feel about the gates going in for the third time this year.

The flood gates are going up less than a week before the 4th of July celebrations are to take place, but despite the setback, spirits in America's Hometown are very high.

The installation of the flood gates in Hannibal could be seen as a negative thing. It's costing the city thousands of dollars and the timing isn't exactly perfect.

Regardless of the setback, the city of Hannibal is pushing forward for next week's celebrations.

"We've had the levy since 1993, so that's over 20 years, so this is just pretty much normal for us. We've grown accustomed to it over years. And it's business as usual. The stores are open and everything is getting in perpetration for National Tom Sawyer Days," Gail Bryant, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

The downtown area isn't seeing any down turned faces either. Business owners are optimistic about the expected turnout for 4th of July.

"It's the river, you can't beat mother nature, it happens. The flood wall is one of the greatest things we've ever had here. Back in 1993, the flood wall saved this whole town. It's a great thing," Downtown Hannibal Business Owner Mike O'Cheltree said.

"A lot of people come in from all over the world for national Tom Sawyer Days, and so with all the directional signs and everything, it's going to be another exciting year," Bryant explained.

For updates on Hannibal's 4th of July celebrations, you can visit the website here.