Speed survey requested following Quincy pedestrian accident

File photo of Quincy City Council meeting

A couple of Quincy alderman wants to prevent another pedestrian accident from happening.

Monday, the Quincy City Council requested a speed survey on Chestnut Street between 18th and 20th Streets.

A Quincy University student was hit by a car in that area on January 7.

Officers say a 71-year-old driver hit 19-year-old Shannon Peters of Elk Grove, Illinois.

The accident happened about 350 feet east of the intersection of 18th and Chestnut Streets.

Peters was taken to Blessing Hospital for her injuries.

"Right now, we don't know a lot of particulars about this accident, what the contributing factors are," Second ward alderman Steve Duesterhaus said. "So we're going to start the process to determine what may have happened and whether there are things we can do that might mitigate this in the future."

Duesterhaus also said a request also has been sent to the traffic commission to consider a 4-way stop at 20th and Chestnut.