Special session likely to be called for Illinois pension reform

Some say the big, black cloud hanging over the state of Illinois is pension reform.

There may be a silver lining to that black cloud.

While nothing has been set yet, there are pretty good rumblings around Springfield that the legislature will be called back the week of December third to try and hammer out a deal on pension reform.

The pension deficit has grown to a $100 billion in the last few years, and it continues to cost taxpayers everyday.

State Representative Jil Tracy served on a ten member bi-partisan committee to look into pension reform.

She says there's a fine line in not hurting those who live off pensions, and saving the rest of the taxpayers money.

"I think there is a very concerted effort to get a good proposal through. It's gotta pass the House, the Senate, be signed by the governor and pass the constitutional language test. It's a huge challenge, but I see the most concerted effort that I've ever seen at this point," Tracy said.

Representative Tracy says legislators also have to be concerned about a short special session.

Each day costs the taxpayers $43,000.

She also says, the reform bill has to fix the problem for the future as well, and not be just a quick fix.