Special meeting held to discuss Quincy hazing incident

file photo

The Quincy School Board met Monday night behind closed doors to discuss a recent hazing incident that happened in a Quincy Junior High School football locker room.

The parents and grandmother of one of the victim's appeared before the board to discuss the incident.

The victim's father told KHQA several of the freshman football players accused of standing around the room watching the incident were downstairs during the first part of the meeting with the victim's family.

The board then went downstairs to discuss the incident with those students.

The victim's father told KHQA the board is trying to figure out the appropriate action to take for the freshman football players who did nothing to stop the incident and failed to report it to an adult.

The Adams County States Attorney is filing charges against the Quincy Junior High students involved in the recent hazing incident at Flinn Stadium.

Jon Barnard says the students involved will be charged with assault in the county's juvenile court.

The names of the accused won't be released because they are under the age of 17.

The victim's father says the 14-year-old is doing as well as expected; is getting therapy and has transferred to another school district.

That father also told KHQA that the board wants to speak with at least one of the victim's before moving forward.

The Quincy School Board was still meeting late into the evening, and thus, was not available for comment.